INTERPOL Secretary General visits Seaside National Park in Baku

Secretary General of INTERPOL Ronald Noble visited here the Seaside National Park on May 23rd. 
Executive Director of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Anar Alakbarov told Ronald Noble that one of the priceless gems of Baku, the Seaside National Park, is a fine example of Azerbaijan's material culture. It is also a special natural complex that forms the historical and modern appearance of the capital. The rapid socioeconomic development of the country under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev in recent years has significantly changed Baku, turning it into a metropolis. The changes have not bypassed the Seashore National Park. The urban planning, recreation and tourism infrastructure coupled with the environmental safety of the beautiful capital have enhanced the opportunities for implementing the Seaside National Park development strategy.
The Secretary General was told that the available 450-meter pier has been extended into the sea by another 100 meters. In the future, the length of the boulevard will be increased to 25 kilometers. The expansion of the Seaside National Park was also intended to improve conditions for boat tours, for which three new boats have been brought to the capital.
Then Noble became familiar with the Baku Crystal Hall, the venue of the Eurovision-2012 Song Contest. He was told the hall can seat 25,000 people and has an original architectural style that imparts special beauty to the capital. In the future, it can host other international events. One of the factors increasing the value of the Baku Crystal Hall is its proximity to the State Flag Square.
The Secretary General of INTERPOL also visited the National Flag Square.
He was told that President Ilham Aliyev signed an Order on establishment of National Flag Square in Baku on November 17, 2007. The same day, the President signed another order to declare November 9 as the National Flag Day.
The foundation stone for the National Flag Square was laid on December 30, 2007 with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev.
The inauguration ceremony opening of the National Flag Square took place on September 1, 2010.
Confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, the flag flies on a pole 162 meters high and measures 70 by 35 meters. The upper part of the Square embraces three hectares and overall the square covers 60 hectares. The square features the state symbols of Azerbaijan (the coat of arms and the anthem) and the map of the country.
Noble also became familiar with the National Flag Museum established on the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev.
The museum features flags and emblems of states existed in the territory of Azerbaijan as well as khanates, constitutions of Azerbaijan adopted in past years, postal stamps, banknotes, orders, medals, flags kissed at the inauguration ceremonies by national leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev, flag of Supreme Commander-in-chief and ceremonial costumes.
The museum also showcases a Guinness World Records certificate for the tallest flagpole, books photographs and flag hung in the embassy of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Turkey.
The Secretary General told journalists the Azerbaijani President, Government and people can be proud of the high-level organization of the Eurovision-2012 song contest. He noted over a short period Azerbaijan had achieved great accomplishments.
Noble also said those coming to the Baku Crystal Hall would feel themselves safe.



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