Azerbaijan`s First Lady attends ceremony dedicated to 20th anniversary of country`s independence in Berlin

Germany`s capital hosted a ceremony dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan`s independence.
The event initiated and supported by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Azerbaijan`s Embassy in Germany was attended by the President of Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP Mehriban Aliyeva.
Prior to the event, Aliyeva visited the German History Museum, where she met with Germany`s First Lady Bettina Wulff. During the meeting Wulff expressed her satisfaction with Azerbaijan`s First Lady`s visit to Germany and thanked for choosing Berlin as a place for organizing the event marking the 20th anniversary of Azerbaijan`s independence.
In turn, Aliyeva expressed her gratitude for Germany`s First Lady`s support and participation in the event. She underscored the importance of the event for popularization of the Azerbaijani culture in Germany.
Azerbaijan`s First Lady presented a €50,000 check to fundraising campaign for restoration of the Berlin Castle.
Berlin Castle`s administration thanked Aliyeva for support and presented her a keepsake.
After the meeting, Azerbaijan`s and Germany`s First Ladies visited the Azerbaijan`s exhibition which was held as part of the event. German version of Azerbaijan publications were presented in the exhibition.
The exhibition showcased Heydar Aliyev Foundation`s books and other publications on Azerbaijan.
Mehriban Aliyeva and Bettoma Wulff saw the exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets.{nl}



Opening the solemn ceremony, news reader Jens Riewa underlined the importance of the event. She congratulated Azerbaijan on the victory in the Eurovision-2011 international song contest.
The German First Lady said in her speech that Germany-Azerbaijan cultural ties are successfully continuing. She praised the Azerbaijan`s exhibition. She went on to say that the event is important for popularizing cultural riches.
Azerbaijan`s First Lady made remarks at the ceremony.
She thanked German First Lady Wulff for her participation in the event. Mehriban Aliyeva pointed out the ceremony aims at raising the world community`s awareness about accomplishments achieved by Azerbaijan during the past 20 years.
The First Lady said Azerbaijan is rapidly developing due to building a brand new political and economic system. According to her, Azerbaijan is a leading country in the South Caucasus. According to her, Azerbaijan`s economy makes up 75% of the total economy of South Caucasus.
Aliyeva noted European Union recognized Azerbaijan as a strategic partner in the field of energy security.
"Our greatest wealth is our cultural heritage, Azerbaijan`s carpet weaving school, fine arts, literature, music, history and architectural monuments," said the First Lady, adding state programs allow restoring theaters, museums and opening cultural centers.
Mehriban Aliyeva expressed hope for the soonest and fair resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute.
On the cooperation with EU member countries, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation pointed out relationship with Germany occupies a special place.
The ceremony was followed by a spectacular concert conducted by Teymur Goychayev and presentation of Azerbaijani cuisine.




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