Novruz Mammadov: ''Minsk Group Co-Chairs seem to be interested in causing some tension''

Deputy Chief of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the head of the Foreign Relations Department Mr. Novruz Mammadov has been interviewed by

AzerTAc presents the interview:

- How would you evaluate the statement issued by the Minsk Group co-chairs in relation to the incident occurred during military exercises of Armenia conducted in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan?

It is very interesting that this provocation made already one week ago as a conspicuous continuation of the occupational policy of Armenia has finally awaken the co-chairs to disclose their position. However, to our regrets, they still churn out the same vibes.

In fact, I have made public already my position concerning the actions of the Minsk Group co-chairs at one important gathering we had yesterday. The Minsk Group co-chairs seem to be predisposed to set out some tension. Do they know that Armenia came to a decision to run military exercises in the territories of Azerbaijan, couldn’t they? Were they far enough to know about the statements of Armenia saying that 40K troupes coupled with military equipment and weaponry to be involved in these military games? Were they aware of the fact that the territories of Azerbaijan recognized by the international community and the countries they represent remain under occupation for last 25 years, and 750-760 thousand people ousted from these lands turned into IDPs scattering over various regions of Azerbaijan?

Are these co-chairs apt to get notice why and for what reason this military muscle flexing is made? Does a separatist regime of Nagorno Karabakh really dispose a 40K army? What if, there are no even 40K Armenians living there!

All these are perfectly known to the co-chairs. However, as I noted, they think of the international law as a relic and act in line with Armenian’s vision. And, this is not for the first time. How it comes to say that a helicopter is downed in ''the neutral territory''. Regrettably, the co-chairs do it deliberately! But, they should also know that the current tension that rules the international affairs today is stemming out from such irresponsible statements.

Yet, there is another interesting point. Do the co-chairs know that Armenia has planted mines in each corner of the Azerbaijani territories kept under its occupation? Why they do not drop a single word of that? Now, they are fallen into the grave they have dug themselves.

I would also touch the last point. The co-chairs frequently highlight the obligations and express their opinion in public. Then, what about their own obligations? Do they content that they are alright with their obligations when they say ''go and negotiate on your own''. This is absolutely clear to anyone: both the responsibility and the obligation in front of the entire international community and the history to obtain a fair solution of this conflict by peace and negotiations in line with international law norms fall on their shoulders. They are not tourists, after all.


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