BakuTel 2013 exhibition kicks off in Azerbaijan`s capital

On December 2nd Bakutel 2013, the largest telecommunication and information technology exhibition in the Caucasus and Caspian region opened in Baku.
The exhibition has become the most important platform for the display of achievements in the high technology sector. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Azerbaijan has played a special role in the rapid growth and development of the exhibition through many years of valuable support. The international importance of the exhibition is confirmed by the visits of representatives of international industry institutions including the United Nations (UN), International Communications Union (ITU), Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications and by the status of the exhibition as a UFI Approved Event granted by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
2013 has been declared the year of ICT in Azerbaijan on the initiative of Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This momentous occasion can be felt throughout the Bakutel 2013 exhibition. Bakutel includes a rich business programme, various events and many interesting activities.
One of the indicators of the growing potential of the industry is the increase in the area of the exhibition by 35% uniting 300 companies from 28 countries.
This year, Bakutel occupies three halls of the Baku Expo Center for the first time and covers 12,000 m2. The foyer contains the national pavilion of Azerbaijan, presenting detailed information about the work carried out by the Ministry in recent years as well as plans for the development of the industry.
The United Nations (UN) pavilion with a stand is also among the participants for the first time to demonstrate their ICT related projects.
This year’s exhibition features about 15 countries’ presentations on the innovative programmes, as well as products and services for Azerbaijan and whole Caspian region in the ICT sector. Afghanistan, Italy and the USA are making their debut at the BakuTel exhibition with their national stands.
Leading ICT companies, Azerbaijani mobile network operators, communications operators, Internet providers, systems integrators and distributors are also participating in the BakuTel 2013.
About 40% of the exhibitors make repeat appearances at the event.
A notable fact which is an achievement of the many years of work of the exhibition is the yearly increase in the participation of local companies comprising the 30% of the exhibitors this year.
The four days of the exhibition covers the following sectors: telecommunications and networks, broadband communication and technologies, cable and wireless communication, satellite communication and technologies, radio equipment and technologies, software, automation systems, IT and office technologies.
Many international and local ICT projects that Azerbaijan has already participated in are representing at the exhibition. For instance, the project for the creation of the optical Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway, Europe Iran Speed Highway (EPEC), the creation of a HighTech Park in Azerbaijan, the telecommunications satellite and many others. The exhibition continues to draw attention to the space industry and the creation and staffing of structures for ground based satellite control. One of the exhibitors from this sector is Azerkosmos presenting their projects.
Another interesting development presented at the exhibition is the mobile ASAN (Azerbaijan Service and Assessment Network) Centres.
One of the traditions of Bakutel is the opportunity for young specialists to speak about their inventions, programmes and services as part of the largest ICT event in Azerbaijan and the region.
The exhibition gives much attention to start ups, which were provided with special stands on the initiative of the organisers and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This year, 11 young specialists demonstrate their projects.
The programme includes various seminars and conferences on the evolution and regional development of the internet in Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan-Israel and Azerbaijan-USA ICT forums.
A major event for Azerbaijan is the conference on the subject of “International cooperation in the sphere of cyber safety: problems and prospects” which gathered more than 50 delegates from over 20 countries.
The general sponsor of Bakutel 2013 is HP, one of the largest American information technology companies.


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