Tender for Works and Supplies following the procedures of Post-Qualification:

Open Municipal İnfrastructure Programme II, Water Supply and Wastewater in Ganja and Sheki (Phase I)
Deadline: September 26 2011
Country:Azerbaijan Ref-No: BMZ 2001 66 702
Open Municipal İnfrastructure Programme II - Phase I; Works and Supply Contract Ganja/C-2
Project: Open Municipal İnfrastructure Programme II - Phase İ Ganja, Contract 2, Qizil-qaya İntake, Reconstruction of two reservoirs, Construction of one new reservoir and Transmission Mains. Chlorination system.
Works and Supply Contract
İCB No. KFW/BMZ 2001 66 702/GANJA/PH-I/C-2
Employer: "Azersu" Open Joint Stock Company
Recipient: "Ganja Sukanal" Subsidiary Open Joint Stock Company
Funding: KfW Development Bank (KfW), State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland (SECO) and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Contract Award will follow the current KfW Guidelines (see www.kfw.de).
Project Measures:
The tendered works and supplies are part of the first Phase of a three phase investment programme which aims at full rehabilitation of the water supply and wastewater infrastructure for the town of Ganja (present population 330.000).
The scope of works covered by Contract 2 is divided into the two Work Sections:
1.Work Section 1 - Water resources and reconstruction of storage reservoirs
a.Rehabilitation of the existing Qizil-qaya water intake system including water collection chambers and river crossing;
b.Demolition of Existing Reservoir T1-3 and construction of new 5000 m3 reservoir with chlorination facilities on the same site. Chlorination will include gas dosing system, safety devices and controls;
c.Demolition of Existing Reservoir T2-2 and construction of new 2000 m3 reservoir on the same site;
2.Work Section 2 - Construction of new Reservoir and transmission mains
a.Construction of new 5000 m3 reservoir T1-4;
b.Transmission main between reservoir 1-3 and 1-4 (ND 600 & 300, total length 3,270 m);
c.Transmission main between reservoir 2-1A and 2-2 (ND 500 & 250,total length 3,700 m)
(Reservoir 2-1A is under construction in a different package)
Each reservoir will be equipped with valve chamber, site works including staff & guard building, electrical power supply etc. A system of data transfer will be installed between the reservoirs and the main office of the Operator "Ganja Sukanal" Start up and test operation, technical documentation, training of staff etc will also form part of the contract.
All the works and supplies are to be implemented to the relevant European Standards (EN) and/or DİN.
Companies with qualified personnel, appropriate facilities and experience in the execution of comparable projects may apply by e-mail for the tender documents (prepared in English), to Azersu at the address below:
The non-refundable fee for the tender documents is AZN 100 ($ 125) which should be transferred to the following account:
Employer's Name: "AZERSU" OJSC
İNTP: 9900001751
Employer's Bank: İnternational Bank of Azerbaijan Republic
Local currency account No: CCS 308718 AZN 3302-01
Foreign currency account No: CCS 308718 USD 3312-01
Code: 805250
The application for tender documents must be accompanied by a copy of the bank transfer receipt, Tender documents will be sent to the applicants in hard copy and electronic version (drawings). No liability will be accepted for loss or late delivery.
The Employer reserves the right to award each Work Section separately. İt may therefore transpire that a company applying for both Work Sections may in the event qualify only for one.
Place of Submission: Azersu OJSC (Address as below)
Contact person: İlqar Tagiyev, Head of Foreign Relations Division/Project Coordinator
"Azersu" Open Joint Stock Company
Tel.: +994 (012) 431 47 67, Fax.: +994 (012) 598 38 14
Moscow 67, ave., AZ 1012, Baku,
Republic of Azerbaijan
email: [email protected]
Copy to:KfW Development Bank (KfW)
Department L III d4
Mr. Thomas Wolf
Palmgartenstrasse 5-9 D - 60325 Frankfurt/Main
email: [email protected]



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