Sharon Stone honoured at Marrakech film festival - VIDEO

03.12.2013 | Readed: 4955


Fans in shock at death of 'Fast and Furious' star Paul Walker - VIDEO

02.12.2013 | Readed: 4639


Global effort for Philippines but many still wait for aid - VIDEO

13.11.2013 | Readed: 6276


'Jazz hands' at the ready in Azerbaijan - le mag - VIDEO

29.10.2013 | Readed: 8630


'Rambo' and 'Terminator' dream-team - cinema - VIDEO

18.10.2013 | Readed: 6591


Nobel Peace Prize winner OPCW says chemical weapons must be "banned for good" - VIDEO

12.10.2013 | Readed: 6100


Azerbaijan's Aliyev wins a predicted third term as president - VIDEO

10.10.2013 | Readed: 6152


Miss World - 2013 - VIDEO

30.09.2013 | Readed: 5754


Bulgaria's government resigns amid protests - VIDEO

21.02.2013 | Readed: 5903

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov tendered his government's resignation Wednesday after eight days of nationwide protests over high energy bills, his office said. CNN iReport: Protests in Shumen, Bulgaria The protests against......

Spain's jobless figures hit record high - VIDEO

25.01.2013 | Readed: 5640

Spain's unemployment rate has climbed to its highest level ever, the Spanish government said Thursday, as a painful recession takes a toll on the debt-stricken nation. The latest official figures show 26.02% of the population without jobs in the......

Mali takes key town as nations ready more troops - VIDEO

21.01.2013 | Readed: 5644

The Malian military has gained control of the central town of Diabaly, Mali, a key advance in the battle against Islamist militants in the north. The country's forces retook the town without ground assistance from French troops, a military......

Cholera cases reported in Cuba, health officials say - VIDEO

16.01.2013 | Readed: 5686

Cuban authorities said Tuesday the infectious and sometimes deadly disease cholera had struck in Havana, after declaring in August that an earlier cholera outbreak had been wiped out. A statement from the Cuban Health Ministry said so far there were 51 confirmed cases in the......

Snowstorm, fierce winds and deadly flooding thrash Middle East - VIDEO

10.01.2013 | Readed: 5540

Brutal winter weather is making dire conditions even more so in parts of the Middle East, especially for thousands of Syrian refugees enduring frigid temperatures in tents. The coldest air of the season was moving in behind a heavy snowstorm that......

New voter rules announced ahead of Egypt referendum - VIDEO

12.12.2012 | Readed: 3243 Supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy held competing demonstrations Tuesday evening in Cairo as a controversial vote......

YouTube account of Leyla Aliyeva launched - VIDEO

09.12.2012 | Readed: 3753


Devastation in a Philippine valley where typhoons aren't expected - VIDEO

07.12.2012 | Readed: 3350

Bent over amid the wreckage of her family's home, Jane Bucani, 17, leafs through the sodden remnants of her school yearbook, trying to see what memories she can salvage. Her mother, Rosal, picks among the jumble of debris where her kitchen used to......


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