Armenian terrorist organization ASALA threatens Azerbaijani diplomats and Azerbaijanis living in foreign countries

Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora continue to cause artificial excitement and turn international public opinion against Azerbaijan over extradition to Azerbaijan and pardoning of Ramil Safarov. Armenian terrorist organizations inspired by provocative and aggressive position of the Armenian government threaten diplomatic missions and citizens of Azerbaijan in foreign countries.


Armenian terrorist organizations, which have taken root for many years in the West and some Eastern countries, become active from time to time, carry out acts leading to many casualties and, then, continue their activities in illegal conditions. These organizations` misdeeds resulted in numerous terrorist acts committed in 70-80s of the last century around the world against Turkish diplomats and later against citizens of Azerbaijan.
The document sent by the terrorist organization ASALA Fighters received on September 3 by the embassy of Azerbaijan to Hungary indicates as a target Azerbaijani diplomats, Azerbaijani students studying abroad, businessmen, activists of Diaspora organizations, and states they will be killed.
The world community, which fights an active war on international terrorism in the 21st century, must take the threat of the Armenian terror more seriously and prevent repetition of numerous human tragedies, which occurred formerly in the past.
AzerTAc presents the text of the letter sent to the embassy of Azerbaijan to Hungary and some other countries from the terrorist organization ASALA.
Azeri and Turkish murderers,
You think that you emerged victorious over Armenians by releasing a criminal named Ramil Safarov. But you are wrong!
The Armenian people have suffered many hardships at every point of history. Notwithstanding, they have always managed to survive. Armenia has been surrounded by Turkey to the West and Azerbaijan and its allies - Zionists - to the East.
Your political, economic, military pressure on Armenia has always been a fiasco. Thanks to resistance, honor and eagerness we have always derailed - even despite our small number -your pan-Turkish efforts to wipe the Armenian people off the face of the earth.
We still remember the genocide, which was committed by Turkish murderers late previous century - it is in Turks` nature - killing 600,000 Armenians. Today we are completely avenging this genocide by supporting and giving directives on PKK`s military operations.
We increase the number of Turkish corpses every day to bring it not to 40,000 but 600,000 dead Turks.
Your bloody and barbarian disrespect, hatred and aggression against neighboring peoples will get back to you with the tripled hatred and revenge.
We will drown you in the blood of innocent people you have shed.
While corpses of Azerbaijanis killed by us in Khojaly are rotting, we increase the number of corpses of Azerbaijani soldiers on the Karabakh border.
Attention, this is our message to you!
Employees of Azerbaijani diplomatic missions will soon be assassinated by the method we have never used before.


Rashad Safarov - your punishment is death!
Eldar Aliyev - your punishment is death!
Anar Imanov - you punishment is death!
Lala Safarova - you punishment is death!
Huseyn Jafarov - you punishment is death!
Vugar Aliyev - you punishment is death!
Gulnara Mammadova - you punishment is death! "



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