The Jerusalem Post: Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations: the way to peace or war?

The Jerusalem Post has published an article headlined “Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations: the way to peace or war?” by political analyst Arye Gut. The article reads:

Geneva on Monday hosted negotiations between President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan as part of the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers released a joint statement following the meeting.

“The meeting took place in a constructive atmosphere. The Presidents agreed to take measures to intensify the negotiation process and to take additional steps to reduce tensions on the line of contact. The Co-Chairs expressed their satisfaction with these direct talks, which took place after a long interval. They remain poised to work with the sides on mediating a peacefully negotiated settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. As a next step, the Co-Chairs will organize working sessions with the Ministers in the near future,” the statement says.

Despite the aforementioned statement of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, substantive negotiations failed. The Armenian President made another unsuccessful attempt to deceive everyone, including Azerbaijan, the OSCE Minsk Group and the world community, although it is inherently impossible. The Armenian President believes in a great Armenian miracle. However, his talent is no longer aimed at Azerbaijan as he continues to manipulate his people, who are now experiencing the worst moral and economic collapse.

“A few minutes ago my meeting with the Azerbaijani President ended. We have not reached any specific agreement on the options of the settlement of the problem. Ilham Aliyev very well realizes – just like I do – how complicated the issue is, but the problem is such that there is not going to be an easy solution. However, there is one thing I want to assure you of: for us there cannot be a solution that can somehow harm security of Karabakh. The only solution for us is that Karabakh be separate from Azerbaijan,” Serzh Sargsyan told the Armenian diaspora in Switzerland after the meeting.

This statement and the real actions of President Serzh Sargsyan once again prove that he is an absolutely irresponsible and shortsighted politician, a terrorist who accidentally found himself on the Armenian political scene. In all his speeches, he tries to justify Armenia's policy of aggression and occupation. But in fact he once again confirms his low political and diplomatic level. Negotiations were not over and the necessary analysis of these talks was not made, but Sargsyan rushed into making a statement that Karabakh will be separate from Azerbaijan. It is quite obvious that the current regime in Armenia is not interested in peace and stability in the South Caucasus. This regime prefers pandering to the Armenian diaspora`s every whim to thinking about the future of the country, which is teetering on the brink of collapse. This criminal clan in Armenia is just interested in preserving the status quo in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

In a country where anti-Azerbaijanism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, nationalism, glorification of fascist criminals and accomplices is an integral part of state policy, there can be no aspiration for peace. For them war is an opportunity to maintain power.

This statement and Sargsyan's behavior is another bluff of the Armenian separatists as their goal is to justify their own aggression and occupation against Azerbaijan. It is obvious that the leadership of today's Armenia seeks to maintain the status quo that has developed throughout the truce. However, recent events in the region once again proved that official Baku will never agree with the existing status quo in the region and that Armenia should realize that Azerbaijan's patience has limits. There is a red line and it's impossible to go back once you cross it. According to international law, Baku has the right to not only defend itself, but also to liberate the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia.

We need to remember the lessons of history: hardly any state has willingly ceded the occupied territories to other state. There are no such precedents in world history. And Sargsyan, by making this statement, wants to push Azerbaijan into a forceful resolution of the problem. Throwing such challenges, Armenia hopes that its elder brother in the person of official Moscow will most likely not allow this.

Continuing to deceive the world Armenian diaspora, Sargsyan said: “We will do everything, while at the same time ensuring the development of Armenia, economically strengthening the country.” This is another lie and falsehood of the Armenian President... Sargsyan has practically forgotten about his own people and is busy strengthening his own power and oligarchy. The Sargsyan regime are enriching themselves by plundering and looting their own country and using the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as an uncontrolled zone for drug trafficking and other purposes.

According to different sources, 90 per cent of world drugs produced in Afghanistan is trafficked through Nagorno-Karabakh to Russia and Europe. The first confessions of a recently uncovered criminal group once again confirmed that the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh is used not only for trafficking drugs from the south to the north, but also for cultivating and processing narcotic plants. In general, all this is drawing the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people into a national catastrophe.

According to the Armenian Husisapail Network, the population of Armenia is rapidly declining, migration is taking an increasingly catastrophic scale year after year, growing into a mass flight of the population. Isolated in the South Caucasus region because of the occupation of the Azerbaijani lands, Armenia has remained largely outside of the main geopolitical and geo-economic projects associated with the gas and oil resources of the Caspian Sea. It is unlikely that Armenia will be part of any geopolitical project in the South Caucasus in the future, whereas Azerbaijan and Georgia cooperate closely in many areas.

Armenia should consider the ideas of famous French philosopher, sociologist, political scientist and journalist Raymond Aron, who wrote back in the second half of the 20th century: "The economic profit that can be obtained as a result of a war is ridiculous compared to what gives a simple increase in labor productivity. Industrial civilization really allows realizing cooperation of classes and nations, it makes the war meaningless and peace a benefit for all." If Armenia lived in peace and harmony with neighboring states, it could be one of the prosperous states of the South Caucasus, and not an outcast of the region.

Despite important changes in the system of international relations, some political leaders remain loyal to their stereotypical thinking. These stereotypes were worked out in times when the use of military force was self-evident. Unfortunately, Sargsyan can be attributed to such leaders as he has the old thinking similar to nationalists-Dashnaks who wanted to artificially create "Great Armenia". Amid the global problems of the 21st century, when the world community and humanity are busy searching for ways of saving the world from global catastrophes, Armenia is thinking about creating an empire. Armenia does not realize that the empire's times are a thing of the past and now it is time to look ahead and live in peace and harmony with neighboring countries. That will be much more profitable for Armenia than confrontation with neighboring states.

It is an indisputable fact that Armenia has driven itself into snare and is today the weakest and most dependent country in the South Caucasus. Recently, we have witnessed a socio-economic failure and a complete fiasco of the Armenian leadership’s policy and a "white genocide" conducted by the authorities in Armenia. Sargsyan’s hypocrisy knows no borders and it is obvious. They say that truth is evidence of power, and hypocrisy means weakness in politics. Sargsyan tries to prove himself as a constructive and tolerant person, but in practice, he has failed to achieve this goal.

The Armenian President`s statements testify to the fact that instead of thinking of the difficult geopolitical situation of the country, the current Armenian leadership seeks to maintain and cement its power, enrich its clan and please the Armenian diaspora, which enjoys all blessings of life in foreign countries, feeding Armenia economically, and which does not care about pathetic existence of the Armenian people whose children are dying on an alien soil for their ridiculous ideas of “Great Armenia”. While children of the Armenian elite are living in the "Golden billion" countries like “Golden youth”, children of ordinary Armenians have become trapped in their ideas and are losing the only thing they have – their lives. After all, Azerbaijan will sooner or later return its lands occupied by Armenia, but no one will return those who have died on both sides. And it is such "politicians" as Serzh Sargsyan and the Armenian diaspora cherishing the "ideas" of the early 20th century who are responsible for their death.


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