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Dear President Aliyev,

As the co-chairs of the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus, we write to congratulate you on your re-election. Your election is another milestone in strengthening Azerbaijan`s civil institutions. Nationwide elections offer voters a choice and represent an important part of the democratic process.
The United States and Azerbaijan enjoy a strong partnership based on shared strategic interests. Our nations work together to prevent the spread of extremism and promote tolerance and prosperity globally. We appreciate Azerbaijan`s vital contribution to the US-led operation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo.
Our common efforts to enhance Europe`s energy security benefit from the recent selection of the Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP) as the European route for the Southern Gas Corridor. The United States and our European allies recognize Azerbaijan`s leadership on such energy issues.
The United States and Azerbaijan share many values, including a vision for greater diversity and tolerance as well as respect for minorities and gender rights. We recognize that these fundamental building blocks for any democratic system have deep roots in the Azerbaijani society.
Mr. President, as friend of Azerbaijan, we wish you and the Azerbaijani people every success as you lead your nation forward.

Bill Shuster Member of Congress
Steve Cohen Member of Congress


Dear Mr. President! My dear friend!

On behalf of my nation, government and personally on my own behalf, I express my most sincere congratulations on your re-election as president of Azerbaijan in the presidential election held on 9 October 2013.
In this regard, I would like to note that I am very pleased with the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the election which has reflected the will of the friendly and brotherly people of Azerbaijan.
It is beyond doubt that your exceptional leadership, which is recognized throughout the world, has made an enormous contribution to the present-day successes of the fraternal Azerbaijan, a country which epitomizes stability in the region.
I am absolutely convinced of your continued leadership in the development of relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan both in bilateral and multilateral formats. I am also confident that the joint steps taken on this basis will elevate our bilateral relations to an even higher level for the benefit of our peoples.
I take this opportunity to convey to you my most sincere wishes for good health and happiness, and those of well-being and tranquillity to the people of fraternal Azerbaijan.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey


Dear Mr. President,

I would like to extend my cordial congratulations on the occasion of your convincing victory at the Presidential Elections just have been held in your country.
The results reflect immensity of the contribution to prosperity of the people of Azerbaijan you have given so far. The outcome of the elections proves as well that Azerbaijan under your undisputed leadership has been rapidly developing as a democratic society with a great prestige in the international community.
I avail myself of the opportunity to reiterate the expressions of gratitude for your fruitful efforts in making our friendly countries embark on a path of affirmation of close cooperation in all fields. I am looking forward to continuing our intensive and friendly communication considerably enchanting the relations between our states.
Dear President, I wish you a good health and full success in performing your high duty in new mandate. Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Filip Vujanovic
President of the Republic of Montenegro


Dear President,
On behalf of the people of Turkey and on my own behalf, I congratulate Your Excellency on your re-election to this high post in today`s presidential election in Azerbaijan, and wish you successes in your activities.
We are much happy that as usual the election successfully took place in a calm manner. I wish for the results to be a success for the people of Azerbaijan.
Founded on deep ties of brotherhood and love, historically unique Turkey-Azerbaijan relations have reached a perfect level thanks to out joint efforts based on national leader Heydar Aliyev`s “one nation, two states” saying.
Your Excellency, I firmly believe that as always you will continue steps to ensure the expansion of our cooperation.
On this occasion, my brother, I once again reiterate that I will be much happy if Your Excellency visits me in his earliest convenience, and wish you strong health and happiness, and the people of Azerbaijan stability and prosperity.

Abdullah Gul
President of the Republic of Turkey
Ankara, October 9


Dear Ilham Heydarovich,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations as you are re-elected the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Your landslide victory testifies to your high political influence, and the people`s active support for the course of activity - carried out under you - aimed at ensuring the country`s socio-economic development and strengthening its international positions.
It is my hope that we will continue our joint work toward strengthening Russia-Azerbaijan strategic partnership, and expanding our mutually beneficial relations on all fronts. This fully complies with the interests of our friendly nations, and serves to ensure stability and security in the South Caucasus.
I wish you good health, happiness and further successes in your responsible activities as the head of state.


Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation
October 10, 2013
Moscow, the Kremlin

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