"Young Azerbaijanis are the major recourses our country`s development will need tomorrow", Elnur Aslanov

As earlier reported, the Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum (ASAIF) is to hold an international conference on April 6-7, in Budapest. In this connection, AzerTAc correspondent has interviewed the head of the department of political analysis and information of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Elnur Aslanov.


- What can you tell about the forthcoming international conference of ASAIF?
- The international conference of the Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum under the motto "I am a young ambassador" to pass in parliament of Hungary will consider also revaluation of possibilities of their activity. The vice-speaker of Hungarian Parliament, the state secretary of the ministry of national resources of Hungary are expected to address the participants. The conference will continue at the panel sessions covering various themes, such as organization, formation of Diaspora and lobby activity of Azerbaijani youth studying abroad, the role of youth to bring to the world community the truth on the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, significance of the human resources in further development of Azerbaijan, the role of social networks and mass-media in increase of activity of youth. Various lectures will be delivered on each theme. Besides, the minister of youth and sports of the Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov, minister of education Misir Mardanov, the head of the State Oil Fund Shahmar Movsumov, members of Azerbaijan Parliament, and representatives of media and heads of the private companies will take part in action.
- What do you expect from this conference?
- As you know, during the 20-year long independence our country has passed difficult tests and ordeals. The aggressive policy of Armenia, hostile activity of the Armenian lobby against Azerbaijan, the double standards shown by the international community, - certainly, all this causes regret. Today, Azerbaijan is a reliable partner of the international community, leading power of region. Azerbaijan's opportunities provided its foreign policy with necessary tools, expanded activity possibilities. At the same time, according to requirements of persistently progressing modern world for the purpose of maintenance of strong bases for the future development Azerbaijan started the process of transformation of the oil capital into human capital, and successfully continues it. The young Azerbaijanis studying in many world countries on various specialties are the major recourses the development of our country will need tomorrow. On the other hand, this educational luggage of the Azerbaijani youth provides their formation as competitive staff on international arena, in particular in spheres on their specialties. And it means that at the choice they can remain in the countries where receive education. In that case we don't lose them, in their person we find the future representatives of the Azerbaijani lobby. Each person can live anywhere, however he always feels attachment to national-cultural heritage of his ancestors, their Motherland. This is natural feeling, and nobody can break it. Having reached their purposes, thereby they contribute to the common cause.
The above mentioned once again confirms that long-term strategy of the Azerbaijani state serves creation of the successful state based on developed economic system, and strengthening of its position on international arena. Today, particularly young Azerbaijani students in their activity become propagandists of Azerbaijan, help to bring its fair position to world community. The present conference to attend by 300 Azerbaijani students, who study in the various countries of Europe, is the next step we make in this direction.
- What will you tell the students and youth - participants of conference?
- First, certainly, I would like them to justify the trust in them by the Azerbaijani state and pleased us with their achievements.
Their main goal is to get high-quality education. We expect from them the same. Secondly, along with their education, effectively using leisure time, the students have once again considered the problem of to be organized. Their possibilities to contribute to dissemination of the information on Azerbaijan to the spheres covering a circle of their interests should be discussed. Now, social networks have turned to a platform where numerous people share their views, thoughts and information. I think that the Azerbaijani students should take active part in scientific actions in the countries where they study, write scientific articles and essays, be example for other students. In many world countries, there is information shortage about Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani students should write more and more articles and show consideration for this question, try to fill this emptiness. They should direct scientific potential on substantial articles about the native land, create favorable conditions for the further researches. It is necessary to make so that the students who have come after them or local researchers didn't face shortage of information. Today, we should define the way step by step. The planned conference will discuss these questions together with students and make certain recommendations.



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