"We are proud of successes of the graduate of MGIMO President Ilham Aliyev", Yury Bulatov

"The Baku International Humanitarian Forum was very interesting and fruitful", participant of the Forum, the dean of international relations department of MGIMO, professor, doctor of historical sciences Yury Bulatov told in his interview to correspondent AzerTAc. 
"Two days were filled with statements, the discussions continued even behind frameworks of the Forum and the sections were very interesting and fruitful. It is very pleasant that, really, we speak about multiculturalism and we have pluralism of opinions. It very much enriches that information which I have gathered during the Forum - there is a real material - which I next week will bring to the students of MGIMO, will give a master class on the forum. Really, the event was unique from that point of view that by tradition one state is the organizer of an international forum. Azerbaijan and Russia possessing unique experience in sphere of polyethnicity policonfessionality, but here two states were the initiators of such event.
By the way, on the second day of the Forum, many used to say that "it is very pleasant to take part at the second Russian-Azerbaijan Humanitarian Forum. All know that this topic will certainly be continued, and in general, the first forum is a starting point to serious dialogue concerning difficult events which take place in the world community, in the global world.
Many thanks to Azerbaijan, the country leaders, all them who took part in the organization of this Forum, for hospitality, kindness, warm reception and for such informal warm conditions in which took part not only delegates of the said forum, but also actively participated both post-graduate students, and doctoral candidates, and even students.
In Baku, I haven't been for a long time, there was a long break. But I watch closely from Moscow the changes in Azerbaijan. First of all, it is seen in improvement of quality of the students of Azerbaijan who come for study in MGIMO. Also it was pleasant to see my former pupils who now hold responsible posts, they took active part in the forum organization, including in the protocol of the president.
Well, what to speak about the President of Azerbaijan. Looking at your President, I feel fair pride. Yes, it is your president, but it is very pleasant that Ilham Aliyev has graduated from MGIMO, faculty of the international relations. His speech has set background for all two days of conference, has defined problems not only during the Forum, but also on the prospect.
Baku is, of course, a fantastic city and it has very much changed. It is a Eurasian, and even in certain degree the European center. You always define barometer of moods, development prospects on children. I could walk a little on parkway, and looked at children, on their joyful faces, and they, first of all, symbolize economic growth and progress of Azerbaijan. We are very glad to successes of Azerbaijan. Forward, Azerbaijan!
It would be desirable to note especially the contribution of Heydar Aliyev Foundation to strengthening of humanitarian relations. Its activity is invaluable, and especially the Foundation bears the name of great Heydar Aliyev. Personally for me, Heydar Aliyev is not simply national leader, and he is the mega-leader of international level and of the broadest scale. He is the person who long was engaged also in problems of the Soviet Union, including education. And many things which were put forward by him are successfully realized even today at our higher school. Therefore, for us, Heydar Aliyev is a native person whom esteem in Russia. I with pleasure have looked at his portraits in city, and paid attention what was said about him. On the one hand, it is the person to whom we worship, and on the other hand, it seems to me, this person is among us. His spirit fills modern internal and foreign policy of Azerbaijan, and strengthens relations between Russia and Azerbaijan", -Yury Bulatov stressed.


Asya Hajizade
Special correspondent of AzerTAc
Photo Igor Lileyev



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