ASAIF`s annual forum kicks off in Hungary

On April 6th the Budapest forum of the Azerbaijani Students and Alumni International Forum (ASAIF) started in Hungary.
According to ASAIF, the forum brings together more than 250 young people from 27 countries.
The official opening ceremony of the Budapest forum entitled "I am a young ambassador" will take part in the Hungarian Parliament.
The both countries` officials are expected to deliver speeches in the event.
The forum will inform the participants about what ASAIF has done during this one and more year and what are the new goals, introduce participants to the path of independence and challenges on the way, display the foundations of "Azerbaijanism" as a value and significance of uniting on the common goals for a stronger Azerbaijan and its nationals all around the globe, showcase prominent speakers on such topics as vital role of education, the use of academic excellence and media for success during the information warfare, advocacy for the truths embracing Azerbaijan and many other remarkable subjects, build a network of solidarity among Azerbaijani students and alumni abroad, present new techniques to better promotion of the values of Azerbaijan, expand the knowledge relevant to the long-term visions of Azerbaijan, further stress the importance of investing in human capital and its prominence Azerbaijani Government`s future sustainable development plans, deliver the information on vital role of public diplomacy as it is delivered by youth, provide tools and a platform for open debates via public diplomacy and discussions, provide programmes, activities and routes necessary for successful representation of Azerbaijan abroad.
ASAIF Annual Forum will be attended by Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic Azad Rahimov, Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic Misir Mardanov, Chief of the Political Analysis and Information Provision Department of Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elnur Aslanov, Executive Director of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic Shahmar Movsumov, ambassadors of Azerbaijan in foreign countries, members of parliament, Hungarian officials from the parliament of Hungary and different government bodies, heads of youth organizations, Azerbaijani students and alumni abroad, as well as representatives of European Parliament and Council of Europe, other respective guests and participants.
On the first day of the forum Azerbaijani youth will hold meetings with the country`s ambassadors to Lithuania, Austria, Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and others to discuss ASAIF`s further plans.
Azerbaijani heads of youth organizations are expected to hold bilateral meetings with their Hungarian counterparts.
The sides will discuss joint projects and Hungarian youth will organize presentations in the universities.
The first day of the forum will culminate with a concert programme.
Certificates will be presented in the closing ceremony of the forum.



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